Creston Valley Wildlife Interpretation Centre Programs

          On the trail with our school programs


The Kootenay Columbia Discovery Centre Society is working with the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area and the province of BC to develop a plan to continue to operate the wetland education and awareness programs at the CVWMA for 2018.  Please stayed tuned for more information as it becomes available.

If you are interested in school programs, please send us an email to book.  We are taking bookings for 2018.  We will provide up to date information as it becomes available.




The CVWMA is an ideal outdoor classroom. With a hands-on approach to environmental education, our programs aim to develop knowledge, understanding and appreciation for the natural world to enable people to make informed and educated decisions about their environment.

Programs cover topics related to wetland ecosystems, management practices, ecosystem services, migratory birds, endangered species, invasive plants and wildlife. The wetland is located along the Pacific Flyway, providing great educational opportunities to view and learn about migrating bird species.

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2017 School Programs

Program Availability:

Tuesday to Friday

In 2017, programs are available May 9th to June 30th, and Sept 5th to Oct 6th.

How To Book: 

Call (250) 402 6908 or email. Please have the following Information: choice of 2 dates, class size, and school contact (address, phone, fax and email).

Creston Valley Wildlife Interpretation Centre Programs

           In the lab with our school programs

We are excited to offer hands-on, fun and informative programs that are based on science curriculum. What a great way to get your students into nature to learn in a fun and safe environment!

NEW!!  School Program Poster for 2017

Elementary School

Elementary programs allow the younger students to experience the natural world in an ideal outdoor setting while learning in a safe and professional environment. Educational material and themes change from year to year, staying current to teacher and student needs.

Creston Valley Wildlife Interpretation Centre Programs

         In our Gallery with our school programs

Wetland Excursions


Nature Navigators - Grades K-3

Transform your students into special Wetland Detectives! Explore the sights and sounds of the wetland and investigate some of the fascinating critters who call this special place home.

Cost: $4 per student; Minimum of $60

Animal Adaptations - Grades 4-7

Our wetland is constantly changing! Discover how animals adapt to seasonal changes in their environments as they move through the different stages in their life cycles.

Cost: $4 per student; Minimum of $60

Elementary programs include a gallery presentation, guided trail walk and dip netting/science lab component. The curriculum-based, hands-on programs are 2 hours long.

High School

Stewardship programs for high school students and community groups allow the CVWMA to perform hands-on habitat management techniques as well as educate people on the importance of wetland habitats. Projects include removing invasive plant species, shoreline cleanup and erecting and monitoring nesting boxes. High School 

Highschool Stewardship Program - Grades 8-12

This year, our stewardship program focuses on invasive species removal. This program is open to high school classes who are interested in taking part in an initiative that improves environmental quality and achieves sustainable outcomes within the wetland. Students will be geared up in chest waders, with tools and gloves to take part in the removal of the invasive yellow flag iris, helping to restore the habitat and promote the growth if native plants.

Cost: By Donation

Canoe Tours

Creston Valley Wildlife Interpretation Centre Programs

         On the water with a guided canoe tour

Available for Grades 4 and up

Bring your class on a one-hour guided canoe tour that is full of surprises as you part the cattails to look for nests, taste some wetland treats and learn more about the plants and animals that live here. Add this onto any of out other program for a fun-filled day! 

Cost: $5 per student; No Minimum; Not Available in Fall 





Our week-long investigative summer science programs are designed for those who like exploring, collecting, creating, and generally frolicking about in our wetland playground.

        Hard-working students in chest waders

Curious Caterpillars

Ages 6 & 7
Sessions: Monday – Friday July 3-7 or July 10-14
Time: 9 am – 1 pm
Cost: $75 Non Members; $65 Members

Boisterous Beavers
Ages 8 & 9
Sessions: Monday – Friday July 10-14 or July 17-21
Time: 9 am to 3 pm
Cost: $95 Non Members; $85 Members

Eager Eagles
Ages 10 & 11
Sessions: Monday – Friday July 17-21 or July 24-28
Time: 9 am to 3pm
Cost: $95 Non Members; $85 Members

Trekking Turtles
Ages 12 & 13
Sessions: Monday – Friday July 24-28
Time: 9 am to 3pm
Cost: $95 Non Members; $85 Members

Teen Stewards
Hands-on habitat restoration activities
Ages 14-16 
Sessions: TBD (One day a week in month of August)
Time: 10 am to 2 pm
Cost: Free



Celebrate your birthday with us! Choose a canoe study or pond science program. We provide the snacks, you bring the cake!
When: Saturdays in May and June; Daily in July & August
Time: 10 am – 11:30 am or 1 pm – 2:30 pm
Cost: $10 per person

To book a program please contact the Wildlife Centre at (250) 402-6908 or Contact Us!



Check out the 2017 Program Guide or visit the Special Events page for more details!