April 8, 2014


Columbia Basin Trust (CBT) is seeking proposals from qualified consultants to develop and deliver an action plan for the future operations of the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area (CVWMA) Interpretive Centre while concurrently developing and delivering an extensive stakeholder engagement process to inform the plan and ensure public stakeholder views and ideas are accounted for.

Title:              Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area Action Plan and Stakeholder Engagement

Control #:      RFP2014-14

Issue Date:    Friday, April 4, 2014

CBT Contact: Charlene Desrochers, Assistant Special Initiatives


The RFP can be found on BC Bids by clicking HERE.


April 7, 2014


Boat Permits must be renewed annually for any boat stored on the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area at the designated storage area in Sirdar.

Boat permits for 2013/2014 expired on March 31, 2014. Renewal reminder letters were sent to 2013/2014 boat permit holders in March 2014. Any boat currently being stored at the designated storage area not displaying a valid 2014/2015 permit decal by April 30, 2014 will be removed from that location.

Permits may be purchased on out website by CLICKING HERE. or at the Administration Office at 1874 Wildlife Road in West Creston. A decal will be issued that you must affix to your boat.

Permit Cost: $25 (including GST)

Valid: until March 31, 2015


FEBRUARY 24, 2014


The Creston Valley Wildlife Interpretive Centre (the Centre), operated under the umbrella of the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area (CVWMA), is beginning a process to examine options for its future operations.  In support of this process, the CVWMA Interpretive Centre Committee (CVWMA ICC – the Committee) has been formed. The goal of the Committee is to develop a range of options for consideration regarding the future of the Centre, its physical infrastructure and associated programs. READ MORE... 

February 18, 2014


We would like to remind users that the CVWMA is managed for conservation and natural species diversity. With this in mind, users must leash up and clean up after their pets while in the Area. Cooperation will help avoid the adverse interactions that can impact humans and wildlife. Thank you!


January 22, 2014


The exemplary ice conditions on Duck Lake have offered excellent recreational opportunities for fishing and skating. The CVWMA would like to remind the public that motorized (snowmobile and ATV) use is NOT PERMITTED on Duck Lake.

In addition Duck Lake, though frozen now, will soon be experiencing spring melt. Please respect the area and take out what you take in.

July 22, 2013


Check out the following link to access the Spring/Summer 2013 Wetlander Publication. The CVWMA's very own newsletter on what is happening around here! Spring/Summer 2013 Wetlander


APRIL 26, 2013


On March 27th, 2013, two members of the Creston Valley Rod & Gun Club met with representatives from Ducks Unlimited Canada and the CVWMA to explore the idea of improving anglers’ access to Duck Lake via the Sirdar access (directly across from the Sirdar Pub). The objective of the proposal is to build a single lane vehicle access road from the existing parking lot down to the water’s edge to allow anglers easier boat access. People would have the ability to drive their vehicles down, unload their boats, but be required to park in the designated parking area. This new road would also provide safer foot access for ice-fishing enthusiasts but be closed to vehicles in the winter months. .

The proposed access road, to be gravelled, would be approximately 230 meters in length and 4-5 meters wide. To ensure minimum impact to sensitive species, an environmental assessment is being conducted at the site. The road location was selected to minimize the grade and amount of vegetation disturbance during construction. The proposed completion date is October 2013. Currently “permitted” boat storage is allowed at the Point. Users not wanting to store their boats at that location need to unload their vessels at the parking lot and drag them down a fairly steep hill.


january 14, 2013


We would like to notify people using Duck Lake for recreation, especially anglers, that water levels in Duck Lake will be lower than normal, at least until the end of March 2013. This measure is necessary to allow the replacement of the two 60-year old sluice gates at the north end of Duck Lake. We apologize for any inconveniences. Please, do not hesitate to call if you have any questions: (250) 402-6907.

Thank you. Creston Valley Wildlife Management Authority.


DECEMBER 19, 2012


We would like to notify CVWMA users that CVWMA Staff will be using an All-terrain vehicle (ATV) to conduct management work in the Corn Creek and Leach Lake Units, this winter and in the spring of 2013. Following dyke repairs conducted in the fall of 2012 in those two wetland units, conditions have been too soft to safely travel with our regular vehicles.

Our blue Honda Foreman 400 ATV will be clearly identified with CVWMA logos and decals.  The CVWMA remains closed, except for designated areas, to all other non-authorized motorized vehicles such as ATVs and snowmobiles.

For inquires, please call our office at (250) 402-6900.

Thank you!


September 29, 2012


Water control infrastructure upgrades are in full swing at the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area.  

Ducks Unlimited Canada is investing in upgrading and fixing several water control structures and repairing some of the dykes. The work will continue into October. 

Areas with construction taking place include the Corn Creek Marsh located near the Wildlife Interpretation Centre and the Leach Lake unit located north of the Centre and accessed through the Summit Creek Recreation Area.

Most dykes will remain open to the public for the duration of the work, but there will be temporary closures to allow the work to be conducted safely.  Large machinery and truck traffic will be on the dykes near the construction zones in Corn Creek and Leach Lake.  Areas of closure will be of short durations and marked with signage.  Pedestrian access will be limited in these areas, so please obey the signs and do not venture into the construction zones.

We appreciate your patience during this upgrade process.  This work is necessary to ensure the long-term management of this important wetland.


September 13, 2012



We are pleased to inform you that Ducks Unlimited Canada will be undertaking construction work at the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area this fall. The work will consist of upgrading and fixing several of the water control structures and repairing some of the dykes. The work will begin mid-September and continue into October. The work will primarily take place in Corn Creek Marsh and the Leach Lake unit.


In order to conduct the work effectively, water levels in many of the ponds had to be brought down significantly. Water levels will remain low throughout the duration of the work period, but should back to normal levels for the spring of 2013.  The dykes will remain open to the public for the duration of the work, but there will be temporary closures to allow the work to be conducted safely. All work sites require hi-vis vests, hard hats and safety boots so please respect these sites for your own safety.


We apologize for any inconvenience the work may cause, but these upgrades are critical to maintaining the quality and productiveness of the CVWMA wetland.


If you have any questions, please contact us by phone at 250 402 6900 or by email.



AUGUST 15, 2012


The blocks on the dyke at the southeast end of Duck Lake have been removed and it is now open to vehicle traffic.  The dyke has dried out enough to make it feasible to handle traffic.  We thank everyone for their patience.


AUGUST 7, 2012


Leach Lake/Summit Creek area is now open. 

Trails around the Wildlife Interpretation Centre are now dry.

Access along the dyke at the south end of Duck Lake is still closed.  The dyke is extremely saturated from the high water levels and remains soft with puddles of water on the surface.  We have to wait for the dyke to dry out more before it can be opened to vehicle traffic or there will be major damage done to the dyke from the vehicles.  We appreciate your understanding and are sorry for the inconvenience.


A bathymetric survey of Duck Lake was completed in 2012 to map the underwater contours of the lake.  Please feel free to download the Duck Lake Contour Map.


JUNE 28, 2012


The Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area is experiencing some severe flooding.  Areas affected include Duck Lake, Leach Lake/Summit Creek and some areas around the Wildlife Centre.

Access along the dyke at the south end of Duck Lake is closed due to high water levels (water is inches from dyke top at points and with any wave action, the dykes are receiving water).  Pumps at the north end of Duck Lake have been pumping for to get water from the lake into the river constantly now for two months but the amount of water coming in is too great and the pumping has not stopped water from getting extremely close to the dyke top. 

The Summit Creek/Leach Lake area has also been closed to the public due to flood hazard.  A gate has been put up just before (west) of the Summit Creek bridge to warn people of closure and that it is not safe to be in the area (See attached photo).  At the Leach Lake unit, the Kootenay River is 2.5 meters higher than the water levels at the north end of Leach Lake.  This difference puts unnecessary pressure on the dykes, so we need to equalize this and add water to Leach Lake so that the dyke integrity is not compromised.  This was initiated on June 27, 2012.  As a result of adding water to this unit, the internal flood dykes will be under water so it is not safe for the public to be venturing into the area.  

Some of the trails around the Centre are flooded but the Wildlife Centre remains open to answer questions and offer canoe tours as well as have the gallery available for people to explore.

June 14, 2012

The Ministry of Forest Lands and Natural Resource Operations and Ducks Unlimited Canada have announced a new partnership to manage the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area.

View press release...


June 8, 2012

Thanks to the Federation of BC Naturalists for their letter in support of not increasing vehicle access on the dykes at the CVWMA.

View letter from Federation of BC Naturalists

More info on dykes and vehicle access...